Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If you're on Twitter, maybe you've seen my Twitter teasers I tweet for my books. Teasers are quotes or 1-2 short sentences that create interest in the book/storyline.This week, I'm giving away books and swag to the most creative teasers you can come up with. Teasers I can use on Twitter!

Here are some examples of my teasers:

When you fall in love with an angel, there’s hell to pay.#HEAVENLY

Zoe didn’t believe in soul mates, until she fell in love with an angel.#HEAVENLY

“Ash.”His tone cut through me like a hot spoon through cream.”I’m here to protect you.” #OVERPROTECTED

His pure kiss poured over me like holy water.#A Season of Eden.#

Use your favorite quotes from the books. Keep it short. Submit your best!

Winning teasers will get to choose between any book and swag of mine for their prize.

BOOKS are above in the header. Contest goes until Saturday. POST YOUR ENTRY ON TWITTER!



twimom101 said...

you have the BEST giveaways!! they are always so unique!!! <3

aurora M. said...

You really work hard! I love seeing your Tweets ♥ They make me smile :)

Alba said...

T_T wish I had read any of your books! so I'm still waiting for the 2 I won so I can enter more of your AWESOME giveaways!^^ you rock!

Katrina W said...

Love your tweets !!!! Let see what everyone comes up with this will be interesting !!! <3

Cozy in Texas said...

Love them

Mikila Marshall said...

You're giveaways are awesome. Very imaginative =D

Jessica (Confessions of a Bookaholic) said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!! I enjoyed going back through the book and finding my favorite lines :)

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