Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bite Me. Dare to wear it.

Statement tee shirts are one of our family's favorite things, esp my 12-year old son. His tees say stuff like: Take A Number Ladies, This is what trouble looks like.

Innocent, when a kid is wearing it.

I have: Careful, or you'll end up in one of my novels. Dead. On tees and sweatshirts.
The saying always gets smiles.

What would you DARE TO WEAR on your shirt?


jennsdaisypatch said...

hahaha....i love that, careful or you'll end up in my novel dead. what a novel idea :-)

jenniferlaurens said...

LOL um, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that more sense if you write crime/thrillers? ;-)

DawnB said...

'Careful, or you'll end up in one of my novels. Dead.'

I so want this shirt!

jenniferlaurens said...

You can have any shirt made up for cheap at Vista Print. They do an awesome job and the quality is right on.

Chicki Brown said...

I just bought three t-shirts from WriterTees and CafePress:
1) "Dinner will be when my book is done."
2) "Writergirl"
3) "Future Bestselling Author"


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