Monday, May 4, 2009

Revenge isn't sweet, it's CHARRED, baby!

So, wasps are notoriously grotesque and disgusting and annoyingly scary creatures. Here in the upper desert, they THRIVE!! NIGHTMARE!! Or, better yet: DAYMARE!!

The horrible creatures infest siding, trees, shrubs -- anything they can crawl in and nest in -- creating a nuisance outdoors!

Three words: I HATE THEM!

So, I'm getting ready to bbq dinner yesterday, open the grill to turn it on and this freaking wasp flies out!! This isn't the first time the mean lil' buggers have tried to make a home inside my BBQ!!

Crazed, I opened the grill and lit the fire. Wouldn't you know it, the wasp flew back inside -- right to five lil' hanging nests???

I slammed the lid down, letting out a "Mwhahahaha! Burn, suckers!"

After the grill was sufficiently ready, I opened it to scrub it clean so I could lay the burgers down, and there on the grill were the charred remains of the wasp and the crispified nests.

Revenge never felt so good.


Chicki Brown said...

I am cracking up, but not because it's funny but because I understand where you're coming from!

In the South we have fireants. They are some of the most horrible creatires on the planet. If you want a good laugh, listen to these radio commercials that are big down here:;jsessionid=182EFFD45A50CDEC2505B5D5FF0B15C5?detailId=14000066&subNavId=&navId=page900216&title=-relatedArticle.title&parentId=100006


Chicki Brown said...

BTW, the "E-mail" commercial is really funny!

jennsdaisypatch said...

ewa!!! wasps are sick!

Anonymous said...

*shock horror* - they're all God's creatures, you know! ;)


Beth would love you.. she hates wasps, and I think she'd love to burn them!


jenniferlaurens said...

God's creatures?!?!?! He and I have our first disagreement, lol.

DawnB said...

We had a real problem with wasps building nests on our deck. We bought a couple of fake wasp nests to hang up in our backyard and they were awesome at keeping wasps away. Now, if I could only find something that worked for earwigs, mosquitoes and black flies...

jenniferlaurens said... Yeah.

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