Monday, May 18, 2009

Step Two: Polish

After I've read and re-read ( and still miss ) errors in my own work ( I guess your brain sees what's supposed to be on the page just as easily as what's on the page) I send the manu to my editor Melissa Mayntz who takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months ( depending on her load ) to comb through the piece with corrections and suggestions.

I made the mistake of not using her once, and I've paid for it over and over again having to correct one particular book multiple times.

Even this isn't that huge of an issue when you're indie pubbed. I own the rights to the book, I have a creative team in place and making changes is a simple as popping the list of changes to my book designer, having her make the changes to the PDF doc, then I upload the finalized doc to the printing house. This process can take anywhere from one day to three, depending on Julia's work load. ( More on Julia -- the book designer -- later )

Melissa is fabulous because she's a very analytical editor and thinks about plot stuff I might not think about. Or my fabulous crit partners might not think about. Like: right now Melissa is reading PENITENCE, book two after Heavenly. Her perspective will be excellent when considering PENITENCE is book two of a series, and it has to read as a stand alone book. Just in case somebody comes along and reads it BEFORE reading Heavenly.

I weigh in Melissa's suggestions, make her corrections and then I'm onto the next step: Interior book design with Julia Lloyd.

While this is happening, I also meet with Jennifer Johnson of Sapphire Designs. She and I pow-wow about book covers, back covers and promotional materials.

All of this is TONS of fun. Each person on the team has great vision for each story and together we create the perfect end peice of work to represent the characters and their stories.

In the next post, I'll show you how a cover is created from idea to finish, bloopers, dissasters and fabulous finished work.


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