Thursday, June 4, 2009

Book Trailers

I'm a big lover of book trailers. Again, I enlist the help of my creative daughter who helps me come up with a concept.

With A Season of Eden, I wanted to convey the impossible love tone of the book. Shooting anything visual, whether its a feature film or a short like EDEN is only as good as the "lens" of the creator. Like an author's lens that "shows" you the story -- the finished product is only as excellent, gripping, intense, romantic and interesting as what the author chooses to "show." Of course, most stories are so dense with plot ( at least mine are *wink*) that condensing into a minute or two is challenging.

With over 2700 hits, Eden's trailer is as addicting as the book itself.

Obviously, I was limited. But, for a zero budget production that took an hour to shoot, I was pleased with the way my jennsbooks2films edited the footage. Especially the black and white tone which directly reflects the questionable relationship.

Even though Magic Hands has been out there a while, I wanted to do a trailer. I asked a neighbor kid and a friend of my daughter's, both who fit the physical characteristics of the characters, and we went to the high school, grabbed some kids there for a singing concert and shot the scenes involving other kids. Then, it was back to my house for the "prom date" scene and porch scene.

All of this took about an hour and a half.

We were lucky to find a local, indie band who let us use their song for Magic Hands.
Music is essential for the mood of a trailer, and we've spent HOURS choosing just the right song, searching through hundreds of duds to find the gems.

Like this one we found for next year's release, Noon. The group is called Mudbison and their sound is haunting and addicting.


Anonymous said...

You're re-releasing Noon?

DawnB said...

You always have great booktrailers. I'm very intrigued by Noon's re-release.

Bella said...

Re-releasing Noon? Cool. Your daughter is really talented. These book trailers are amazing

jennsdaisypatch said...

I can't wait for the re release of Noon~

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