Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alone at last!

When the house finally empties about 9:30 in the morning, I sigh. I'm at last left to do whatever I want, which usually means writing intermingled with making dinner, doing laundry, and the VERY occasional cleaning here and there...(hehe) Dust? who sees it? not my kids...

Writing is my number one indulgence when I'm alone. I started writing 9 years ago - putting in 8 hours a day from the start. I was a lunatic. Obsessed.

Life and necessity slowed me down a bit, but now I'm trying to get back to that production level. No doubt about it, I'm a happier person when I'm producing.

I celebrate being alone during the day. I grew up an only child, so I'm accustomed to the quiet, relish the chance to 'make' something with the time and yearn for that peace I have to let go of once the clock strikes 2:30 and reality trickles back in.

What does 'alone at last' mean to you?

Do you "run through the house screaming" ? ( anyone remember that old song??)


Miss Popular said...

Oh, I can so relate to this, especially since my daughter and the three grands moved back in ...

Most days I go out to the local coffeehouse or Barnes & Noble to work. When I'm home I do the online stuff that doesn't require so much concentration.

DawnB said...

I've come to cherish my alone time, and the glorious quiet that comes with it.

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