Friday, October 16, 2009


I had to examine my sales for an issue I was trying to solve with the printing house, and was super excited to find that FALLING FOR ROMEO has sold over 1200 copies so far. That's not bad for a book that's only sold online and has had miniscule marketing. Numbers -- when you're indy pubbed -- don't mean the same thing they do to the debut author who bites her nails through the first 90 days of primo shelf space at the bookstore. One of my crit partners who's worked at B&N for 7 years in their YA dept said, "If a book sells 3 copies in that first ninety days, that's considered a good sale. If not, the books get shipped back to the publisher."

And then what?

Yikes, I'd be biting my nails too.

There are some pluses to indy pubbing.

I share this as yet another pitch for anyone concerned about their writing career. Anyone tired of the well-worn but hazardous and -- lets not forget subjective -- traditional publishing road. Don't loose faith in your work. Make your own road.


Bella said...

Totally agree with you, girl. I'm done!!! Going Indy.

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