Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Three

It's called Absolution. At least that's the title at this point in the process. I didn't start out wanting these books to have such overtly religious titles.

They kind of ended up that way.

Still, the quiet theme of Heaven and Earth and the spiritual essence of both, tying the two existences together is a thread I purposely twined throughout the books.

You can't have angels without Heaven.

Nor hell without devils.

Speaking of's been pretty fun writing them, I have to admit. I adore my black spirits, their sinewy, translucent black emptiness is wonderfully creepy.

Who knew bad could be so much fun to write?


Chicki Brown said...

Quote: "You can't have angels without Heaven.
Nor hell without devils."


DawnB said...

I have to agree. Your evil spirits are delightfully creepy and much fun to read. So hurry up and post more. Yeah, yeah, I know. I should talk. :-P

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