Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are Distractions a Sign?

I have never had more difficulty getting to the end of a manuscript. Usually, I can't wait to get up and hit the keyboard. Now that I'm wrapping up Zoe's story with a third and final book, I am losing steam.

Of course, I have many personal issues happening right now as well, distracting me from getting words down and giving Zoe the ending she deserves.

Distractions used to not bother me and never got in the way. But the last few years of writing with serious distractions has shown me that it's not always easy to create when surrounded by crises.

How do other creative people deal with it?


Chicki Brown said...

Dealing with distractions are just a part of being a writer. If you don't have a deadline, just do the best you can until the crisis passes.

Most of the time I can write through things, but recently I had a situation where my mind was so cluttered with thoughts about the situation I couldn't get anything on paper. Thankfully that only lasted a few days and I was back to normal.

Hang in there ...

DawnB said...

Nothing kills the muse faster for me than worry. So I feel for you. Hang in there, and push through when you can.

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