Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cinderella Stories ROCK!

- Country, that is.

As for me and my house, we will adore Taylor Swift.

Taylor's story is remarkable. Young girl loves to sing and convinces her mom to drive her to Nashville so she can hand out demo CDs. Mom does.

Imagine little 12-year old Taylor bouncing enthusiastically into every record label in Nashville saying, "Hi, I'm Taylor and here's my CD."

It took guts and passion and complete belief in herself to do that. At 12.

At 14, she was doing a regular gig at the Blue Bird Cafe and a record guru was listening. REALLY listening. He'd just left Universal Records and wanted to start his own company - another dreamer - like Taylor, he believed in himself. Saw another way. Bucked the big guys.

He offered her his maverick company and she "went with her gut."

WOW. Last night, she took home every award she was nominated for on the CMAs. Taylor's heart-felt, real, clicheless music speaks to the hearts of listeners. Her effervescence is contagious. Her clean, wholesomeness refreshing in an industry fraught with artists ready to sell themselves for the chance at fame.

Taylor's an inspiration. Every now and then it's nice to see Cinderella get exactly what she deserves.


DawnB said...

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Bella said...

That's quite an amazing story. On top of that, she's sooo sweet. I felt bad for her when Kanye West stole her thunder. Now I applaud her courage. Wish more of these so-called role models for kids were like her.

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