Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Just Not That Into You

Or other words of rejection.

Authors get their fair share of such words when querying agents. If I had a taped message I could send to all struggling authors it would run the word "subjective" on an endless loop.

"Where I find_______( your character ) a believable character, I'm afraid I'm just not passionate enough about..." blah, blah, blah.

At that point, toss the letter or press DELETE.

Agent A has no doubt read the first few lines, discovered the characters name so she/he can make the rejection letter sound personal ( hello, doesn't agent A know we authors get hundreds of the EXACT same 'personal' rejection over and over??? ) and therefore less - what - disappointing?

On one such occasion after receiving one of hundreds of 'personal' rejection letters I thought, "You may not be passionate about Zoe and her story, but I am."

And that's what that matters.

I'm so glad I don't swim with sharks anymore. Man, who wants to lose limbs every time you get in the water?? I need my fingers to write.


Chicki Brown said...

Rejection can be frustrating, but the advice of a professional editor who HAS read your manuscript can be invaluable in helping you become a better writer. Most of these people DO know what they're talking about.

jenniferlaurens said...

Some of them have credentials. Most don't. The point of this blog is to keep your own passion for your work regardless of what a handful - yes, a HANDFUL - of people say or think.

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