Friday, November 20, 2009

Tongue -Stuck-In-Cheek

Okay, so I was at UVU speaking on writing a few weeks ago, and one student asked me, "Do you ever find yourself jealous of other writer's success?"

My tongue popped to my cheek. "Uh. NEVER."

The class laughed.

I added," The T word is NOT allowed in our house." ( Now, if you don't know what T stands for, it's Twilight )

Most authors are happy to see other authors have success, we all hope for that. Everyone defines success differently. For me, writing has never been about money. I'm well taken care of in that department by an awesome husband who has always been a stellar provider.

I write because I LOVE TO WRITE.

I remember an old critique partner who said, "Well, I'm in it for the money." Her book just got published, so I guess she's going to see just how much money really comes to her.

It's cool Stephenie Meyer has made a freaking fortune with her series. Love it or hate it, she doesn't care and doesn't need to care what anyone thinks at this point. Her bank account will never suffer again. So, all those critics who love to jump all over anyone who HAS gotten there faster and bigger than them, well, that's the way the page turns.

So, am I going to New Moon tonight? You betcha. Where I couldn't get through the books, I really enjoyed Twilight the movie. So, off I go to add another penny to Steph's coffer.


Chicki Brown said...

Good entry! You're so blessed that you have the money and don't have to be concerned about your income. Every day I feel the financial pressure to return to work, but I love writing so much that I've been resisting the choice with everything in me.

I know most writers have a day job, but I can't see myself being able to write in snatches early morning, lunch hour or late at night. I've been spoiled ...

Bella said...

I need to rent Twilight first before I can even talk New Moon, then convince my girls to watch it with me. So far, they interest...they're more transformer/Indiana-Jones kind of girls...sigh.

It;s true though, SM won't lose sleep over pple who bitch about her work or movies. Hope you enjoyed it.

DawnB said...

I agree everyone has there own definition of success. I'm happy that I'm able to write full time, no longer trying to fit it in around a day job. That said, if a publisher were to offer me Nora Robert's contract, I'd be okay with that too. :-)

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