Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writer's Group

Every week, I meet with a select group of choice writers and we read each other's work and critique. The exercise is the most valuable part of my writing. Going public before going public. I love my friends both at my 'in person' writer's group and my online group. No one else 'gets' the frustrations and joys that come with writing and publishing like they do. When there is nowhere else to go, we go to each other and laugh. Cry. Scream. Whatever.

Tonight is the night, and, as usual, my stomach still fills with butterflies. I can't wait to share, to listen and learn from these amazing friends.

If you're a writer, finding the right group of people you trust is an important step in your writing evolving into what you want it to be.

Find your group, if you haven't already.


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