Monday, August 23, 2010

End of Summer GIVEAWAY!

A Heavenly book bag, HEAVENLY and PENITENCE up for grab this week. To enter: leave your comment packed with your best promotional attempt. I'll check out your links and put the best promoters in a drawing for the pack of stuff.

!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm also including a Real Angels Don't Fall tee shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giveaway goes M-F. Winner drawn Sat. Check back, I don't chase down winners and each week somebody forfeits a prize ( unbelievable, right???)



Unknown said...

Ugh. I would LOVE that tote!!

aurora M. said...
Tote! Gotta have me one of those.....go out and about town and spread the word at the same time....a most excellent giveaway!

Beau Williams said...

would love to win this... my 11yr old loves this story as much as i do :)

Naikara Williams said...!/profile.php?id=100001439501372&v=wall

soooooo need 2 win so i dnt havta steal my dads copies lol

Rosei said...

Hope my promotion is good :)

Here you go:!/rneres?v=wall&story_fbid=133473993364068

Big hugs!!

Unknown said...

I'm all in here is what I plan to do with it:

News Flash from Giovanni Gelati : Creator, Author & Administrator of Gelati’s Scoop (some would also say crazy man)

Hello again,
I am just dropping you a line to see how you are and give you an update. Things never seem to stand still here @ The Scoop. I have been trying to challenge myself to improve the layout of the blog, the quality of it, and increase our content. I’ve added a new theme that is getting some great buzz (Digital Short Saturday), and I’m finding new and exciting resources for material to read and post on. I even twisted my wife’s arm and got her to guest post, and she was a hit. Here is where we stand right now, as I am trying to put this letter together. On Facebook, I have maxed out my regular account and am trying to build our Fan Page. I need a little time with that as I am not tech savvy enough to just make it fly like I want; hopefully by next week it will be propagated with fun stuff and we can feel comfortable with it. With Goodreads, we stand at 1610 friends and continue to push forward. Now here is the fun part. Once we figure out the Fan Page we are moving forward with some other features that we have been wanting to run with like blog talk radio, virtual tours, and Twitter & Facebook Parties to name a few. Another bit of good news is that I am now placing our posts in the following 21, yes 21, areas:
*Our Blog – Gelati’s Scoop, *Amazon, *Book Blog, *Author Nation, *Twitter, *Book Marketing Network, *Barnes & Noble’s, *Borders (here I am able to place them on paperback, hardback and ebook), *eBay, *Shelfari, *Books A Million, *Crimespace, *Goodreads, *Facebook, *Facebook Fan Page, *Target, *Smashwords, *Linkedin, * Bucks County Library System ( this is a national network of libraries on the same computer system), *Pump Up Your Promotion, * Visual Bookshelf
I am trying to become a valuable resource to you. I have a way to go, but I think since we came on the scene in March we have made some strides. I would like to be seen as a go to guy and possibly be given some bigger projects. To improve our content I will need to be in on the bigger novels earlier, thus my little letter telling you all these wonderful things. Also I was hoping that you may be able to point me in the direction of some other areas I should be placing our posts.
To bring this to a conclusion, as I am sure that you are looking at the time in bottom right of the computer screen, I am ready, willing and better able to help you serve you, the authors and publicists. I am having a blast doing this and learning new stuff every day. Moving forward, Gelati’s Scoop wants to be a step ahead, so, what have you got for me? Hit me with your best shot, please!!!

Misha said...

Yay!Thanks for the contest!!
Here are my promotional attempts-
Blog post

Promoted on 3 different groups on Goodreads

Promoted on 3 groups in community for book blogs



brittle blue said...

Tweeted @Brittleblue

-Ria xo said...

Tweeted ;)

Tore923 said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me in contest.

Aik said...

I'd love to win! :)







aikychien at yahoo dot com

nat said...

great contest again, on facebook
and tweeted

Darlyn said...

I really hope I have the chance!

1)Twitted here;

2)Share on facebook


Unknown said...

I would love to win this package. My best promotion is to read a book, fall in love with it and then tell my 10 yr old daughter that I was not that fond of it and that she should probably not read it. Yip, you guessed it, She can't read it fast enough. Then I let her convince me why I should love it! She is so oppositve what Mommy says but she really loves the same books I do! Good luck to everyone! Thank you

Tricia Lifanov said...

I posted on facebook. I have 3 people i've already turned on to you, hopefully the post will get more! Love your books!!/profile.php?id=1005057557

Devine C. said...

This giveaway would be a great way to end the summer and start off the school year!! :D

I tweeted:

Devine C.

Miss_Cultura said...




AmburHostyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AmburHostyn said...

Great contest! Thanks :)

Okay I've got a couple of links for you, nothing too big, but hopefully you'll like them. And in case you need it to contact us, my email is ambiepie_6@hotmail(dot)com

...I had a spelling mistake before :P lol

mariska said...

will i get my chance to grab Penitence ? *fingers crossed*..

i tweeted :

Jessy said...

Count me in.


Gina R. said...

I wanna win this one real bad -crosses fingers-

goodreads :

jen7waters said...

I'm not getting this promotional thing! aren't we supposed to come up with a slogan or something? that's what I thought...anyway, here's mine (warning: it's a bit corny):

"Before this summer runs out, pray for the HEAVENLY PENITENCE of Jennifer Laurens..."

*lol* I'm adding this line to my tweet!xD

also posted on my sidebar:


Pink Panther said...

Awesome giveaway! Love the book bag! You can reach me at

Nina said...

OMG :) thats awesome :)
so im gonna try it again :)!/nina.michels1?v=wall&story_fbid=143680989004900


Kayley Hahaj said...!/KayleyH
i still dont have pentinence lol so i figured id try :) <3

Amanda said...

Can't believe I'm entering this so late. Where did the week go?!

Here's mine. :)

jenniferlaurens said...

Contest Closed.

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