Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joine Me On Teens Read Too - Book and T-Giveaway TODAY!

I'm here today. Stop by.



I just discovered your books on the Borders online store as I was browsing. First time I had browsed their store and will do so again as they put me on to so many different books I'd never heard of before (as opposed to Amazon or my blogging friends). Then I just saw your interview at http://darlyn@books.blogspot.com. It was such a personal interview and I decided I want to read your trilogy so they are going on my next book buy when I get my next substitute teaching job. I'm in love with Angels write now, and demons.... Best wishes with the next book.

Buried in Books

Unknown said...

Happy Absolution Day Jennifer! Sorry that the prices are mixed up. That stinks for opening day and pre orders. I sure hope they are making this up to you!

Thank you for giving us this new world that we can enjoy. "Heavenly" was an incredible book. I found myself thinking of it for DAYS after I finished it. I cannot wait to read "Penitence" & "Absolution". I am going to read them back to back so I do not have to wait in between.

Thank you again!!!

jenniferlaurens said...

Heather: thank you!

Mindy: the price was finally fixed :) yay!

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