Saturday, November 13, 2010

Take Your Pick GIVEAWAY~Winners:

First, thank you for entering. Thank you for your interest in my books. I'm always happy to share, to offer opportunities for readers to get the books for free when I can, so I appreciate every one of you for your participation in these giveaways!

Can you tell it's Thanksgiving time here in the US??

I "hand pick" the winners so you can see who wins. Winners have one week to  claim the giveaway.

Read and let read-

xx Jennifer

Heavenly Winner:
Penitence Winner:

Absolution Winner:


Jessy said...

Hooray! A million thanks to you. I'm emailing you now.

Kulsuma said...

OMG!! I won! I won! *does a dance* Congrats to the other winners=)

aurora M. said...

happy people! Yeah great win!

Unknown said...

anyone can tell me the name of the winners, because my computer is broken and I can not see the videos

Kasumi said...

I nearly have a heart attack, for a moment I believe it was my name!

Congratulations Kulsuma and the rest!

Unknown said...

Congrads everyone !!!! ;)
** happy dance to all the winners **

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