Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Heart's Desire?

Not to wax cheesy or anything, but this time of year: Thanksgiving ( here in the US ) and Christmas ( for those who celebrate ) tends to evoke pondering. At least for me.

I couldn't get into the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe it's 26 years of decorating gone blah....not sure. But the thought of dragging out 17 crates of decorations, taking them out and finding a place for them in my already stuffed house left me thinking: A) too tired. B) I don't need ONE MORE 'THING'

Alas, I was so delighted and relieved to come home from my 26th anniversary trip to find that my DD#1, DM and DS#2 had decorated! As I walked into the house and smelled the pine candles, listened to the carols booming from speakers and toured my 'decked out house' I was too stunned to cry. Thankfully, I smiled, hugged and thanked the do-gooders.

I've reflected that: I've already HAD my Christmas. That one gift was all I need. And it didn't even come from a store.

No surprise that the gifts we give from our heart--often small acts of service and kindness--are those that last the longest, penetrate the deepest and mean the most in the end.

What's your heart's desire this Christmas?

From my heart to yours, I hope that, whatever it is you recieve it.

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Tere1494 said...

My heart desires jajaja that Shiver finally comes to my country so I CAN BUY IT AND READ IT IN SPANISH xD

jenniferlaurens said...

Ter, I hope it gets translated and published JUST FOR YOU :)

Rosei said...

So beautiful your heart's desire for Christmas, Jennifer! Very few people are like you in this world, that's why it's a blessing to meet you.

This year I'm so grateful for every small, but highly significant, act of kindness and sweet remembrance I received. I went through a hard 2009 and now I end up this 2010 with part of my peace and faith restored. Although the hard times were difficult to overcome, mainly my dad's illness, and now my grandma going into a dangerous surgery, I think I feel God closer and I feel blessed.

Sincerely, my only heart's desire is that my solace continues. I'm always grateful for it, to have strength and patience to live worthy. I do need that.

Merry Christmas!

Lynsey Newton said...

My hearts desire is to have a brilliant day full of good food, good company, good movies, good wine and a few presents (MUST include chocolate)as a bonus. I'm lucky enough to not be working this Christmas (I have 3 days off) and whilst I won't be with my own family, I'm going to my boyfriend's family for all of the above :)

And speaking of gifts that you can't buy in a store, I'm making christmas dinner for everyone so his mum can have a rest. It's the little things...

Miss_Cultura said...

My hearts desire is:finish the university and live on my own;)and lives in Peru;)

Chicki Brown said...

Since I have been vehicle-challenged for the past few months, my dream is for someone to leave a 2011 Chevy Camaro in my driveway with a big red bow!

But if that doesn't happen (LOL!), I just want a calm, peaceful, joyful day with all of my family. It should be about 20 of us.

Chicki Brown

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My hearts desire is to have all my family under one roof at christmas and for next year to be extra full of love and laughter and more happiness. I dont need materilistic things to make me happy, just to have great friends, loving family and a roof over my head and food in our mouths.
** The gift of giving jen is wonderful, What a lovely surprise to come home to ** Hoping that your christmas is blessed and happy and your new year is fantastic xxxxxx
Love always kat xxx

aurora M. said...

My hearts desire.......To know that the people I love are happy and settled. Life is not about the few and far between "Big" moments but all the little sometimes unseen ones. The first flower of Spring poking through the snow, the cute chipmunk that stop just out of reach for a look back at you, a sleeping baby, a quite house when you realize you have made it through yet another day and are happy to just be warm happy and alive......thats my hearts desire. Seasons Greetings!

Amanda Scott said...

My heart's desire is to have a house full of family and friends laughing and just spending time together. Also to get the chance to talk to a "certain person" before I lose my nerve. I have something to say and he needs to hear it.

Dawn Brown said...

What a lovely surprise. My hearts desire is health and happiness for family and friends.

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