Monday, February 21, 2011


This week I'm giving away your book or swag of choice via *surprise* Tweets on Twitter. To enter, follow and then tweet your book or swag of choice. I'll keep track in my 'mentions' column.

Each day, I'll pick random followers announcing via *surprise* tweet. Each winner gets 24hours to respond and claim the giveaway.

If your name is tweeted, email me with your mailing addy.

Read and let read~



Unknown said...

Oh my Ill be tweeting all week ** lol ** what a great idea !!!

Have a tweet day !!!


Unknown said...

tweet contest! hahahahahaha

Thanks Jennifer!

Rosei said...

Oh! I'm in!!! Another great giveaway :)

Leituras & Fofuras said...

Another great giveaway :)
Tweeting all week!!

Anonymous said...

A Season of Eden notepad and book.
Would love to win this.
michelle grayce

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