Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer's Blog Hop WINNERS:

To all participants; THANK YOU FOR ENTERING! My giveaways are weekly, ( M-F ) so stay bookmarked for more opportunities to win.

Everyone who referred friends got first choice of what they wanted. Those wonderful readers are:

Gillian Cohen
Chelsea Carson
Alba Solorzano
Gaby P.

The 8 winners include:

SweetNSensible - A Season of Eden - Heavenly - Heavenly
joanna ward - Heavenly Soundtrack CD - Heavenly swag
@Peppermint1013 - Overprotected
@mannabonbooks: Heavenly

Please contact me ( click CONTACT link above ) with your mailing addy and the prize you've won and I'll ship that off to you Monday!


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Midsummer's Blog Hop!

I love blog hops. They're a great way for me to meet new reader friends. There will be 8 winners here. Each one can choose between any of my books or swag as their prize.So, if you've been dying to read A Season of Eden or get your hands on a Heavenly Tshirt this is the giveaway for you!

To be considered in the drawing:

Post your prize of choice.

Follow on Facebook, Twitter and HERE ( links on side ) If you have reader friends you KNOW will love my books, swag and giveaways then send them here and tell them to enter. Make sure they tell me you sent them, and I'll give you extra entry points :)


Winner will be drawn at the end of the HOP. Winners will be announced on Facebook, here and Twitter so check. I don't chase down winners.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I enjoyed reading all of your posts. There are so many good BFF stories! Because there were soooo many, I'm going to do this again - SOON!

This week's winners are:



CONGRATS! Please email me so I can send your friend her book.

Thanks for participating in my weekly giveaways! I love you all.

xx Jennifer

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BFF = Book for Friend GIVEAWAY

Which of my books would you give to your best friend and why?

Post your entry below. I'll pick 2 BFF entries to send your special gift to!

Thanks for reading and participating in the weekly giveaways.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

TWITTER Tea$ers CONTEST!Winners:

Outstanding QUOTES!!! I was so excited to see what everyone who entered came up with. Not to mention the surreal quality of reading your words long after you've written them!!

I can't say thank you enough to everyone who tried their hand at TeaserTweeting for me. STERLING JOB!! Because you were all so fantastic, I want to send each of you a token of my appreciation. ( If I missed anyone, let me know via email )

Grand Gift Winner Goes TO: Star_lights91 She wins book or swag of choice. She did an AWESOME job tweeting EDEN teasers!! ( Maybe an Eden Tshirt is in order??)

Everyone listed below please email me your mailing info - I'll send a small thank you for participating. You're the best.X X X









Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If you're on Twitter, maybe you've seen my Twitter teasers I tweet for my books. Teasers are quotes or 1-2 short sentences that create interest in the book/storyline.This week, I'm giving away books and swag to the most creative teasers you can come up with. Teasers I can use on Twitter!

Here are some examples of my teasers:

When you fall in love with an angel, there’s hell to pay.#HEAVENLY

Zoe didn’t believe in soul mates, until she fell in love with an angel.#HEAVENLY

“Ash.”His tone cut through me like a hot spoon through cream.”I’m here to protect you.” #OVERPROTECTED

His pure kiss poured over me like holy water.#A Season of Eden.#

Use your favorite quotes from the books. Keep it short. Submit your best!

Winning teasers will get to choose between any book and swag of mine for their prize.

BOOKS are above in the header. Contest goes until Saturday. POST YOUR ENTRY ON TWITTER!


Monday, June 6, 2011


Is it crazy at your house? Kids are out of school and for me that means my daughter with autism who wanders around the house in endless chatter, trying to kiss me or poke me or tease me. She also sneaks food she's not supposed to eat ( up to her bedroom - you wouldn't believe the hairy strawberries and moldy cheese we've found in her room!) We love her, but living with her is like living with a flock of wild birds in the house.

My 14-year old boy is also off school now - plundering the fridge and pantry with his pack 'o pals in search of chips, soda and anything else to munch on. The cost to support him and his buddies around 150.00 a week I figure. HAHA.

I'm trying to finish my WIP that I hoped to have out by the end of this year, but it's not looking good at this point. In the mix, I'm posting giveaways here, on Facebook and on Twitter! Bear with me until I get this week's giveaway organized. I hope to have something summery and fun up tomorrow. But if I don't - you'll know I'm deflecting "kisses" from "Abria" and shopping the aisles at Walmart for my son and his friends.

xx Read and let read ~


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heart's Desire GIVEAWAY till Saturday!

Today until Saturday I'm giving away "your heart's desire" of my swag or book offerings - randomly - via surprise Facebook posts and Tweets, so keep an eye out. When you see the: heart plus ? symbols it's time to #shout your heart's desire on Twitter or on Facebook. These surprise offerings may last five minutes or an hour. Anyone who #shouts or enters posts on FB is entered. Some surprise tweets or Facebook posts may include special instructions depending on the randomness of the giveaway!

Let's have some fun the rest of this week! See you all on Twitter and Facebook.

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