Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BFF = Book for Friend GIVEAWAY

Which of my books would you give to your best friend and why?

Post your entry below. I'll pick 2 BFF entries to send your special gift to!

Thanks for reading and participating in the weekly giveaways.

Read and let read~



Val said...

So I think you should send my twitter friend @Randa781 Penitence because I just gave her Heavenly and I know she is going to want the next book in the series. I only know her on twitter but I know she is a big fan of your writing. She gave me her Heavenly tote when she won it and I didn't in a twitter contest. She is well deserving. I hope you pick her. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

For my BFF, I'd definitely give her:

Overprotected : Body guards...romance. Yes, she'd die of happiness but not until she'd read every bit of it.

Falling for Romeo: She's completely nuts for romantic stories. Her room is a romance haven. I'm terrified of walking in there, my biggest fear-drowning in a sea on romance novels.

Thank you for the weekly giveaway, Jennifer!


Just Another Face said...

Overprotected to my friend Jo-Anne, she lives in Australia and just moved to a new place and she loves to read. I think it will help de-stress her life!

aurora M. said...

Oh Jennifer, You have been so kind to so many with your great giveaways....both me and my book reading BFF have all your books....yes all! but I am sure I could find a new BFF to share your wonderful books with. I would chose overprotected because this is the latest in a long line of great reads by you and I know many that would LOVE to have this one.

Evellyn said...

Falling for Romeo... I have a best friends who never been kissed just like Jennifer and she is so obssessed with it! She has a lot of doubts and insecurities...
Guess this book would be great to her read! And she always had this dream of live a big love and fall for someone speciall and gorgeous(well, so do I)


Carol Ardente said...

Well, i give my BFF giveway to Maria Clara, @mariaclarabruno. We met in a fan meeting and we never stoped talking with wich other. I think she would love to read your books and we always talk about books and writters. :) I love her so much! And she loves YA books, so do I. :) I think she would love to read "A Season Of Eden", but 'Heavenly" would be a good book. I think she would lvoe to read all your books. HUAHAU :)
So, i hope you can choose her. :)And your giveways are awsome! I love you so much, Jenn.
Kisses from your big fan from Brazil

Ana Carolina

Carol Ardente said...

And she will love James, like i did. HAUHAU


love_twilight09 said...

i would like to win heavenly for my best friend , her birthday is coming and i missed it last year , and i owe her a gift too :S .. she saw my post on your wall when i thanked u about the book and she asked me what was about , i spent almost a hour talking about your books and she wants to read it. so it would be lovely to give her a book for her birthday and yours will be awesome!

dana said...

For my BFF giveaway, I would give the book to my friend at work Candace Houts, I would love to give her the book overprotected. The reason is why I would think she would like to read this book is it about a body qaurd that is overprotected and that is how she is in every day life.

Dana Goldenstein

love_twilight09 said...

:) my twitter ... dont_getmewrong .

Anonymous said...

I would choose to give my best friend @hbcrazydreams Penitence. I gave her Heavenly, she loved it and can't wait to read Penitence. She's a deep thinker and loves to analyze things. She can identify with certain things in the book. I would really love for my best friend to be able read the next book in the series. We're always exchanging books or talking about books we've read.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I would send Heavenly to my sister because she loves angels. Sometimes I think she's an angel herself. =O)

Gaby said...

To my BFF I would give her over protected because who doesn't love some romance I just know she would love it what with a bodyguard and everything omg she would die I know I would. She is like obsessed with your books and I know she would just love getting overprotected.

Anonymous said...

I'd give it to my best friend 'cuz I got her hooked on your books, and she and her baby who she's been reading to since he was conceived love the books. I would give her Penitence as I haven't managed to get her it or Absolution yet.

Unknown said...

I'd give HEAVENLY to my BFF because she's crazy about angels and absolutely loves your books, it's the only one she hasnt read yet and her bday is coming soon... I'd love to give this to her!

Cheryl Hart said...

Three reasons why I'd love to win Heavenly for my BFF - my sister, JM.

1. Our birthdays are next week.
2. I'm sure she would enjoy it.
3. She would loan it to me after she was done.

;) lol

Alba said...

I'll give A Season of Eden to my BFF!!! she's always had this thing for rule-breaking love! and what better than teacher and student! plus she has a crush on my french teacher!!^-^

Vivien said...

Overprotected for Stephanie, because she is my protector.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Gigi said...

My BFF will be my sister!! She's the only person that I can talk about the boy I like on college, when I get in trouble she's always helps me to try and fix it, when I get frustrated for the classes and examns she always cheer me up, and when things with family and friends get out of control she's there for me.
I'll would love to give her "A Season of Eden" who never fell in love with a teacher?? Me: tons of times when I was younger! and my sister was always telling me "Sis he's way older for you" :( haha! but he wasn't old he was like 26 or 27 years old! and this will be perfect for our memories of our young life plus she's nuts for romantic novels!

Anonymous said...

I'd give my bestie Falling For Romeo because it sounds like the kind of book she'd love, she's a sucker for sweet romances. And of course I'd want to make her let me read it.


Lady Reader said...

For my bestie, I'd choose = Overprotected.

The reason I would pick that book is because she and I have the exact same taste in reading books, and, well that is the first book of yours that I wanted.

So, if you would be so kind to please choose my bestie and let her experience the wonderful yumminess of OVERPROTECTED!

Thank you for always doing these fabulous promotions, Jen!


Mikila Marshall said...

I'd give Penitence to my friend who is also my sister because she surprisingly read Heavenly (SHE NEVER READS). It's the only book I've ever known her to read since we finished school LOL. (5 years ago) She loved Heavenly and she isn't the type of person to buy a book so I think she would LOVE it. It's also her birthday in just over a month =P

You have such awesome giveaways =)
Reposted and Retweeted =)

Gillian Cohen said...

I'd give my sister who happens to be my best friend and fellow bookworm ABSOLUTION. How we fought over who was going to read HEAVENLY first is miracle that my book survived.
It would be my way of saying thank you for always being there for me when I couldn't face the day, she's my rock and sometimes she needs that one place she can escape and become someone else for just a couple of hours a day or even a few minutes.

Thank you for amazing giveaways :)

Reposted, retweeted and blogged :D

Janhvi said...

i would love to give my best friend Sarika overprotected because the whole bodyguard romance thing is awesome and i'm sure she'll absolutely love it!!our choices are the same let it be books,movies or music!she's my bff:)

GFC-Janhvi Jagtap
justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I would love to give Heavenly to my friend Nicole G , she has had a hard year, and I think this book would bring true inspiration, and hearfelt moments to her life, letting her know we all cross that path sometimes, and life does go on - She loves to read, and I think Heavenly would be a wonderful choice .. Thanks once again for all your wonderful donations ! And all your great books ! You are truly a blessing to us all..
:) Id love to send you a book, but where would I start ;) lol..

:) kat

hiba008 said...

my BFF is my sister :)
She read Heavenly on my insistence and fell in love with it instantly. She wanted to read Penitence but its not available here. It will be really coool if I could gift it to her as she is leaving for college in 3 weeks.

Krazzyme(Young Readers) said...

I'd gift Overprotected to my bff as she loves reading books and I think she'll find it interesting :P


Unknown said...

I would give my best friend, @MelissaDempsey1, Overprotected just because I love and I think she would love the book (bodyguard, dessire of independency, love... do we need anything more?!) and, since I moved to Basel I miss her a lot... we used to share the books we bought and talk about them for hours, hehe.

Thanks for the opportunity and for taking such a good care of your fans.


ant_solo said...

I would like to give to my best friend Absolutely, because I know she is reading the others and could finish the trilogy :)

Felicia said...

I would give my best friend Nailed:) She's not your typical girly-girl, and she's always trying to prove that whatever guys can do, she can do it too! My BFF claims that guys are annoying but trust me, she's forever crushing on more than one guy at a time.

Mandy in Nailed really reminded me of my bestie and I think it'd be the perfect book for her! :D


Anonymous said...

My best friend Serene deserves Overprotected! Well, not because she has overprotective parents, but rather the opposite. They're not really involved in Serene's life and I know she feels upset about it sometimes, so maybe reading Overprotected can cheer her up and make her feel like it's a blessing in disguise instead!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity ^^


Mariana S said...

My BFF Keysha would loove Overprotected, she likes romantic i-shouldnt-be-with-you stories and Overprotected sounds just awesome, I know she´d love it ^^
Thanks for the contest!

Anonymous said...

My BFF would love to read overprotected, she likes bodyguard stories and daddy issues, but unfortunately our local book stores dosen't sell it, Thanks for the chance of winning!

Andra Lyn said...

I would love to send my BFF Overprotected :) She got a job as a nanny and spends half her life reading now :D

Carol said...

I love this BFF giveaway!! I would give to my blogger BFF either overprotected or Magic Hands (it's hard to choose one with so many great options there!)Why? well, I'll just go with my guts on this one, I strongly belive she would love to read one of those, with not only the romance but also the struggles of a teen defining their life & discovering it's more to it than partying and social status ;)

Thanks for this opportunity to share some book love!!

lgm52 said...

I'd probably give my BFF "overprotected"...although I am sure she'd love to read any of them!

Anonymous said...

I would give my best friend Overprotected. I think it shows how wealth and social status might seem like the yardstick in measuring a person's happiness in today's society, but that may not necessarily be true. The grass is always greener on the other side! I want to let my BFF understand all this through this book, so she'll know I will ALWAYS cherish her and our friendship way more than fame and riches (:


Anonymous said...

I want to give my bestie any book of yours! She's a HUGE fan of yours and I know she's longing to own a copy of one of your books. But she refuses to enter any of your giveaways because she's not a very lucky person...she hardly wins anything, be it contests or lucky draws or whatever. So if I could gift a book of yours to her that came from you, I know she's going to be really happy! (or delirious and mad with joy, more likely)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something good for my bestie! =)


Unknown said...

I'd give HEAVENLY to my BFF because she's crazy about angels and absolutely loves your books, it's the only one she hasnt read yet and her bday is coming soon... I'd love to give this to her!
(I'm reposting cause I forgot to write my email, its and Twitter: @Yoly2290)

IdentitySeeker said...

I'd give my BFF A Season of Eden or Falling for Romeo because she's addicted to YA romance and especially those set in high schools. I think she'd find the controversial relationship in A Season of Eden fascinating to read. My bestie is a romantic at heart and I know that she will adore these titles.

Thank you for giving me this chance to make her happy:)

illalwaysluvu99 said...

i'd give my bff A season of Eden or Falling for Romeo because she loves YA romance books and would love to read yours but she doesn't have any money to buy them and her local library doesn't have them either. Thank you for running giveaways.

Carol Ardente said...

Well, thinking better i want to say hat i have two BFF: @Raffafust and @13kendall. Me and Raffa met in a tour of Nicholas Sparks in Brazil. :) It were perfect! And me and Déborah we are friends like 5 years. Both are my big friends. We go to fans club about books, we go to cinema, we do a lot of things together! I love Raffa and Débbie so much! They deserve all the best things in the world.

Ana Carolina

lgm52 said...

I'd give my friend a copy of The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah because it is a book that touched my heart. I think she would like it as much as I did. Although it's been weeks since I read it, I still cannot get it out of my mind!

Anonymous said...

I'd give my friend Forgotten By: Cat Patrick, because sometimes she forgets things(okay, maybe all the time)! Since I am forgetful as well, this book touched my heart. Not only that, but it was unique and revealed how unique different people are under their layers of make-up and straightened hair!

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