Monday, June 6, 2011


Is it crazy at your house? Kids are out of school and for me that means my daughter with autism who wanders around the house in endless chatter, trying to kiss me or poke me or tease me. She also sneaks food she's not supposed to eat ( up to her bedroom - you wouldn't believe the hairy strawberries and moldy cheese we've found in her room!) We love her, but living with her is like living with a flock of wild birds in the house.

My 14-year old boy is also off school now - plundering the fridge and pantry with his pack 'o pals in search of chips, soda and anything else to munch on. The cost to support him and his buddies around 150.00 a week I figure. HAHA.

I'm trying to finish my WIP that I hoped to have out by the end of this year, but it's not looking good at this point. In the mix, I'm posting giveaways here, on Facebook and on Twitter! Bear with me until I get this week's giveaway organized. I hope to have something summery and fun up tomorrow. But if I don't - you'll know I'm deflecting "kisses" from "Abria" and shopping the aisles at Walmart for my son and his friends.

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Clary said...

Lol. My brother does the same thing. His face is always in the fridge or cabinets looking for something to eat. Its like he has a bottomless pit. And he never puts on an ounce of weight!!! So unfair!!! <3

Evellyn said...

Oh Jen!
Even with all the crazieness I think is so nice you have such a big family!
All your kids are out to school usually? They are all adults (besides the 14 boy)?
Well, hope you can get all you have to ^^

catch you up on twitter!

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