Sunday, October 9, 2011

Special Sundays

What makes Sunday special to you? Do you have family traditions you save for Sunday that you look forward to all week?

Growing up in Palos Verdes, California, Sundays for me meant my parents having friends over for big dinners and football parties ( or basketball ). Sundays also meant big family gatherings ( because our house was large and centrally located )

These days, Sundays for my family start out at church and end at home with a huge family dinner with ( usually ) one to three guests. Which means I make a giant meal every week. I love this -- it's fun to plan and wonderful to execute and enjoy. My children and their children look forward to an array of baked goods - their requests always considered for the day!

We take a walk after dinner and enjoy the changing colors, the view of the lake, saying hello to neighbors.

The evening is spent visiting and watching a film appropriate for the day: something the whole family can enjoy like The Parent Trap, or The Other Side of Heaven - two of our family favorites.

How do you spend your Sunday? What do you look forward to that makes the day special to you and yours?

Thanks for sharing with me.



Andrea said...

I spend it trying not to think that tomorrow is Monday xD
But usually i rest and get into some giveaways :)
And bake some cookies!!
A big smile!!

Jackie said...

Sundays I go to church with my mom & aunt. After church we go to my uncle's & sometimes we eat there. Then we visit my cousin who is married with 3 boys. On some occasions we might go to the cementary on my grandfather, grandmother's, uncles & other family birthday or anniversary of passing. Sunday's is mainly a family day.

Diana said...

Sundays are lovely for you and your family Jenn! ... well we don't do much but we do consider it too as a family day :)
The usual thing to do is watch soccer or football.. we sometimes go rent or buy a movie to watch, or just find something on TV we all enjoy xD
It's also a resting day, my only resting day, so I try to do things I wanted to and couldn't on the week.

Mariana S said...

That sounds like a nice tradition ^^. My nuclear family always gathers on sunday, we have breakfast, we talk and sometimes we watch a movie or we go shopping together, it´s nice. I like sundays because of that, I can spend time with my brothers and my sister´s in-law and I can be with my whole family and enjoy that special time :)

Fiktshun said...

Your Sundays did and still do sound wonderful! I wish I could say I spent mine relaxing with a good book, but I seem to spend it catching up on all that I was supposed to have done during the week but didn't and getting ready for the work week ahead.

Saturdays are my days of leisure. Love those Saturdays. :)

hannabaorange said...

Ahhhh The Other Side of Heaven... my fave! :) And I love the Parent Trap too of course! The only tradition my family has for Sundays is watching a whole bunch of sitcoms in a row (Sunday Night Sitcoms :D) and that's it. In summer though, every Saturday you can almost guarantee we'll have a BBQ with friends. :D

Kristina said...

My Sundays are lame, I have to work! At least I do get to help people out and make them feel even better and make their day brighter (I'm a massage therapist).

Jena said...

Sundays seem to go both ways for me. It's a love/hate kind of day.

Sundays used to be a relaxing day for me. But, they aren't anymore... I work on Sundays now. Plus, when I think of Sundays I think, "Oh man tomorrow's Monday which means a new long week a head of me". =/

When I didn't work on Sundays though, it was a relax day... sleep in, watch sports, watch movies, relax, go out to eat or shopping.

Overall, Sundays aren't my favorite day of the week. haha

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