Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Title Love

Ever hear a book title and swoon? BEFORE even reading the book? Some titles are magic. I admit, I'm intrigued first by a title, then a cover, THEN the blurb. Nothing's worse than a great title or cover only to find out the book disappoints you. ( Let's remember that the book might be somebody's favorite - and that's OK! )

Some titles that delivered for me:

DAMAGE by Josephine Hart    

This title says it all. Relationships that destroy and the ramifications thereof. LOVED this book.

TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

Ambiguous. Curious. Why did you pick up this book?

 INEXCUSABLE by Mark Lynch 

I love any book that says it like it is, i.e. DAMAGE listed above, making promises the author keeps.

SEXY by Joyce Carol Oates.

The story of a high school boy who doesn't understand the sexual power he exudes over others, including unlikely adults in his life.

These are just a sampling of my favorites----a few that caught my eye and WHY they caught my eye.

Share your favorite titled books. I'd like to know what they are and why they make you buzz.

Read and let read ~


Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude Hop! 5 readers win, instead of 3!

Thanks so much for participating in the HOP. I had an overwhelming amount of participants here - LOVE YOU!! For that reason, and because so many readers wanted to read HEAVENLY ( yay! ) I added 2 more recipients to the giveaway for a total of 5 winners instead of 3.

Megan: Heavenly

ShariLyn Halgood: Heavenly

Isolabella: Heavenly

Ronda (Queentutt's World of Escapism) : Book of choice

Vinci: Overprotected

Please email me ( link on the sidebar ) with your mailing information and I'll get your books out asap!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to our giveaway for the Gratitude Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and co-hosted by All-Consuming Books.   The hop ends on November 27th giving you plenty of time to enter all the 300+ fabulous giveaways.

Is there a book of mine you've heard about? Been wanting to read?
You stopped by the right place on the HOP.

Post which book you'd like to win to enter, and FOLLOW this blog. (Link on sidebar )That's it!


My books are above in the header. Overprotected, Nailed, Magic Hands, Falling for Romeo, A Season of Eden and The Heavenly series. The Heavenly covers in the header are for the hardcovers. I only offer paperback through the giveaway, for reasons of expense.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

*Surprise*TWEET Week!

If you've been following me for a while, you know what that means: I give away everything from bookmarks to books to book totes and Heavenly wings on Twitter ALL WEEK LONG via *Surprise* tweets.

To enter, you have to be a twitter follower, of course - to catch the tweets! ( link on sidebar )

If you want to spread the word about the *Surprise* TWEET WEEK, I love that! I can always use the extra karma. Thank you in advance!!

Hope to see you on Twitter!

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Friday, November 11, 2011


Thanks for joining in the blog hop. It's always fun to add new friends here, and, hopefully you'll get the chance to read one of my books and win some swag along the way.

Winners are:

The Romanceaholic wins the Overprotected pack.

Ellen Elisabeth wins the Eden pack.

Vicky wins the Heavenly pack.

Winners: please email me via the link on my sidebar with your name, address and the prize pack you won.

Thanks again for entering!

It's cold out there. Snuggle up with a good book this weekend!


Monday, November 7, 2011

November Hop!

I love gratitude hops. They give me a chance to share even MORE of my books with reader friends.

Please choose one of the pictured gift packs:

Heavenly and angel wings.

A Season of Eden and mousepad.

Overprotected and signed Tshirt.

To enter, you are welcome to: join me on Facebook.

Follow me on Twitter ( link on sidebar ) and here on the blog (link on sidebar )for weekly giveaways if you're a book lover and you've A) never read my books B) have read my books but know I have the funnest swag around. :)

Thanks for joining the hop! Have fun! Feel free to spread a little gratitude of your own and re-tweet and post to your heart's content!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Special Treat to Share

Many of you know that HEAVENLY is based on my family and our challenges dealing with our daughter who has autism.

Along our journey with autism and learning to cope, we've met some real guardian angels, fantastic helpers who've come to our rescue and provided much needed help and relief from from the draining effects of living with a handicapped child.

One of them is "Abria's" current teacher at school. Her name is Tricia Lund and she's doing miraculous things for the children in our daughter's class. A local college made this short video about what's happening, how the children are growing and changing and I wanted to share it with you.

See if you can pick out "Abria" - she's in there! But she's kind of camera shy.

This time of year I am reminded of what I have to be grateful for. We're so blessed to have this wonderful teacher working with our angel daughter.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Week One ~WINNERS~

Thanks for spreading the word and entering this week's giveaway!

Haley from YA - aholic wins a signed copy of OVERPROTECTED

Book Love 101 Wins the Tshirt

Twimom101 wins the notebook

Precious wins the Tote

Winners, please email me ( link on sidebar ) and mention the gift you won in your email.

Nov 8th is another hop, with LOTS of book related items, so stop by and check it out. Time to start thinking: Christmas Prezzies!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Giveaway Week One~

It's great to have some new followers from the Spooktacular Hop. I told you I have a lot of giveaways, and I do!

Up this week: 4 winners get to choose from the OVERPROTECTED stash in the picture.

Choose from: the book, the Tshirt ( L ), the book tote or the notebook. Post which item you'd like to win in your post and include any links to this giveaway for extra consideration :)

Overprotected is the story of a sheltered society princess living in New York City and her struggle for independence.

Read excerpts and watch the fabulous book trailer HERE.

Check back Saturday to see if you've won. Winners are posted here I don't chase participants down. Winners have 1 week to collect or they forfeit the prize.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooktacular BLog Hop WINNERS!

First, THANK YOU for participating. For those of you who LIKED and FOLLOWED the blog and me on Twitter, I have tons of giveaways, so check twitter and here regularly for more chances to win books.


Chocolate Chunky Munkie wins the EDEN pack!

Rebecca ( @kindlefever )

Please email me ( link on sidebar ) with your mailing info and which pack you won.

Winners have one week to claim the hop prize!

Read and let read~