Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year Give@way H0p!

The Happy New Year Giveaway Hop is brought to you by I'm A Reader, Not a Writer and Babs Book Bistro. Thanks, ladies!

Up for the New Year is your choice of books or swag:

Choose between: A Season of Eden, Overprotected, Heavenly, an Absolution notebook, a Heavenly book tote, a Overprotected book tote, a HEAVENLY key chain, an Ab-so-lute-ly Tshirt XL and one winner will get the Happy New Year blingy necklace in their pack.


To qualify: post which item you'd like and join me on twitter (link on sidebar) and on Facebook. 

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Resolutions - Schmesolutions?

Do you take stock of your past year and resolve to do things differently when the new year starts? I'll admit, I do. In fact, as I'm sitting here contemplating drinking one of my favorite guilty pleasures: Rockstar, I'm simultaneously thinking--I HAVE to stop drinking these.

Why? Well, a friend just told me a sick story about how a case of busted RSs ( as we call them in my house ) ate through an entire pallet at a grocery store in 15 minutes! Yikes! That makes me wonder if I'm going to have an Alienesque experience here any second with Rockstar gushing from my gut.

I have lots of things I'd like to see happen this year. Here are a few:

The proverbial last 20 lbs. Used to be 10, but writing has added another thick layer to my thighs and butt. Yeah, I'd like to blast off the fat once and for all this next year.

I'd like to find a fabu agent for my next YA novel. I've had two fabu agents ( years back ) before I went indie, it's time to try this again.

Those are the two you can hold me to this year. I want to hear yours. Come on, you're amongst friends here, fess up and tell me.

I'll send everyone who posts new years resolutions a little surprise. Send me your mailing addy via my email link on the sidebar!

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Midwinter's Eve H0PP! WINNER!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Midwinter's Eve Hop.  It's great meeting new book enthusiasts!

Hop winner:

Darlene at Darlenesbooknook. CONGRATS!!

I hope everyone has a super new year. Make goals and go for them!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Midwinter's Eve H0PP!

 Thanks for participating in the fabulous Midwinter's Eve Blog Hop!! I'm giving away a copy of Heavenly and a cool angel necklace (long) for one winner. HEAVENLY is about a teenage girl who falls in love with her autistic sister's guardian angel. It's book one of a 3-book series. You can watch trailers and read excerpts about the book at the site: HEAVENLY

To enter, follow the blog ( because I give away tons of the best swag out there -hehe ) and join me on Facebook! 

Thanks again for your entry. Happy holiday to you!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Your Wildest Dream Present Announcement!

Hey there~

I really enjoyed this giveaway. It was wonderful and enlightening reading everyone's posts who entered. Because you all deserve your 'wildest dream' gift and I wish I could provide it, I'm giving each entry a pair of Heavenly wings. Please put them somewhere and think of me and our friendship.

Email me your mailing address ( use sidebar link ) and  your wings will be on their way!

Much love~


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Your Wildest Dream Present?

I'm trying to get into the holiday spirit SOO BAD, I'm resorting to making a list of the most outlandish gifts that would CRANK ME UP! My list is below.These are happy gifts. We all want peace on earth and our children to make good choices. This is about pure indulgence if you had the opportunity.

Here are some of mine:

1. A world-wide cruise for 3 months.
2. iPads for the whole family.
3. Some plastic surgery ( shhhhh - don't tell anyone I said that! )

What I want to know is - no limits imposed - what would your WILDEST DREAM GIFT be??

Post it below and you're entered to win a pair of angel wings ( book not included ) from yours truly. Join me on Facebook for more giveaways! HERE.

Remember, no limitations to your  WILDEST DREAM PRESENT!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Heavenly Holiday Wings &Toes! WINNER!

Is mirrormera92

If you're out there, you have a week to claim the gift! Contact me via sidebar link.

Thanks to everyone else who entered.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heavenly Holiday Wings &Toes!

The holiday season is in full swing! Picture this: reading by the fire, toes toasty warm, a Heavenly read while a pair of angel wings shimmers on your tree...

Sound good? If you haven't read Heavenly, the trilogy is about a teenage girl who falls in love with her autistic sister's guardian angel. You can see book trailers and read more about the story HERE.

To enter, post your efforts at helping me promote this toasty, Heavenly giveaway i.e.: Facebook post links, twitter links, blog post links - whatever your specialty.

Winner chosen Sunday!

Happy Holiday Cheer!


Book Lover's Holiday H0P! WINNER!

Love Between the Pages ~ CONGRATS! Please email me via link on my sidebar.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the hop!

More holiday cheer to come...

Read and let ~    Jennifer

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Lover's Holiday H0P!

Welcome to the Book Lover's Holiday Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Kid Lit Frenzy

Up for grabs is this festive Christmas pack: A cuddly, red sock monkey and a copy of either Overprotected OR A Season of Eden, your choice!

To enter, post your choice of book and I'd love you to join me on Facebook! You're also welcome to follow on Twitter (link in sidebar ) for weekly giveaways and surprise tweet giveaways.

Thanks for participating and sharing in the holiday spirit!

CHECK TWEETS FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNER NAMES! That's how I let you know if you've won. If you don't see it, you forfeit. 

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