Friday, April 27, 2012

That Angel/Devil Autism

Had to share the hysterical happening that occurred last night in our house. Many of you know ( or should know if you've read my YA novel HEAVENLY ) that my daughter "Abria" and her autistic antics are shared in that series.
Abria continues to bring us challenges and laughs--she's just so sweet. She loves unconditionally. We're amazed, shocked and pleased when she does something really smart -- like she did last night!
She ADORES bacon. I keep it in the freezer. So, she takes her empty sorbet container, cleaned and washed out, and she HIDES bacon in it and stashes it in her bedroom for later!!
Unfortunately, bacon, filled with nitrates, makes her angry--so we don't let her eat it. But, like most of us who want things we can't have, Abria never lets that stop her.
Part of me wants to be proud of her thinking outside the box!! Right??
Here are some updated pics of Abria today. Our autism angel.


Unknown said...

I must say - even under the circumstances - she knows what she wants !!! Even though she doesnt know its bad for her !!lol Lovley pics love - and def proud of her for thinking outside the box !! kat ;) xxxx

Alba said...

Awwww. I had never seen a picture of her before!! O_O those eyes...sooo gorgeous!!!
YEY!!! So sad that she can't have bacon T_T you go girl!! hehehehehe

Dawn Brown said...

Beautiful pic. And who could blame her for wanting a secret bacon stash. Clever girl!

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