Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stuck In A Good Book Blog Hop

Choosing a book for this hop was hard. I find so few books I can't put down, that parting with one is...painful. And, since reading is subjective, I realize that not everyone is going to like everything

I'm offering one of my many copies of Endless Love - a book I always recommend whenever anyone asks me, "What are your favorite books?"

The classic novel that has been translated into over twenty languages and has sold more than two million copies worldwide

One of the most celebrated novels of its time, Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful book ever written about young love. Riveting, compulsively readable, and ferociously sexual, Endless Love tells the story of David Axelrod and his overwhelming love for Jade Butterfield.

David and Jade are consumed with each other: their rapport, their desire, their sexuality, take them further than they understand. And when Jade's father banishes David from the home, he fantasizes the forgiveness his rescue of the family will bring, and he sets a "perfectly safe" fire to their house. What unfolds is a nightmare, a dark world in which David's love is a crime and a disease, a world of anonymous phone calls, crazy letters, and new fears—and the inevitable and punishing pursuit of the one thing that remains most real to him: his endless love for Jade and her family.

If Endless Love doesn't sound like your thing, you're welcome to one of my books. Just post which book you want in your comment below to be entered. And click on the FB icon and you're entered!

Thanks for participating!



Vivien said...

Endless Love sounds fantastic!
GFC: Vivien

Lindy Gomez said...

I would love Endless Love!
GFC: Lindy Gomez

starryblue said...

Endless Love sounds amazing.
GFC: kassandralopez32

Unknown said...

Endless Love actually sounds really good!
GFC: YA Vixens

Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Endless Love sounds like a great read! Thanks for the giveaway!

peacelovebooks5 [at] aol [dot] com

lgm52 said...

I'd love to win Endless Love! Thanks for the chance.

Unknown said...

If you recommend it then I guess I should give it a chance :)

darklee25 at yahoo dot com

Holly Letson said...

Looks nice.
bookaholicholly @ gmail . com

Beverly S. said...

Endless Love sounds good to me. :) Thanks for your giveaway of it. It's perfect for "escaping" outside in this beautiful fall weather with a new book. :)

Imel Cullen said...

Endless Love sounds interesting, and you recommend that, make me want to read :D


wwe11 said...

Endless Love sounds great.

molly.frenzel said...

Endless love sounds awesome!
molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Endless love sounds great!!

Stacey Brucale said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to read Endless Love!


Unknown said...

sounds great! THanks!
GFC Heather @ Redheaded Bookworm
hschrock24112 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Endless love sounds great...has been a million years since I read it the first

Natasha said...

Sounds really good! Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

Endless love sounds like my type of read :D! Thank you so much for being a part of the Stuck In A Good Book Hop, and for giving us the opportunity to win one of your books :).

Unknown said...

Endless love sounds great - thanks for the chance to win a copy

Mary Preston said...

I read ENDLESS LOVE ages ago & loved it. Of course I have seen the movie too. I've now got the song going around in my head.


kristiana said...

i would love to read your reccommenadation, thank you ^^


Julie Reece said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway. Endless Love sounds great, I trust ya ;) Lol

TammyAnn said...

I have never read Endless Love. It sounds really good. Thank you for the giveaway. tambrewer35 at msn dot com

Gaby said...

The book sounds good but I don't know if I would read it. I would love to get A season of Eden :)

GFC as Gaby
FB as Gaby Paniagua


Cryscringle said...

Endless Love sounds like a very good book and I would love to read it. :)

GFC: Cryscringle
FB: Crystal Dawn Craig

Crystal Craig
craigcrystal at ymail dot com

Jesse Kimmel-Freeman said...

Sounds good to me!
gfc martian girl


Cassi said...

Endless Love sounds perfect.

cassinz10 at gmail dot com

Kendra said...

Endless Love sounds great!
Thanks for the giveaway, even more that it is so hard to part with the book. :)

FB and GFC follower

kam042305 at gmail dot com

Cassandra said...

I'm perfectly fine with Endless Love :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
GFC Cassandra Hicks

Mona said...

I'm good with Endless Love :)
I've never seen the movie. I do love the song by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross.

FB(Mona Garg)

Unknown said...

Absolution or one of the 2 others like it

Texas Book Lover said...

Endlessly sounds great.

FB-Maria Smith

Thanks so much!
mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

Leannessf said...

Would love to win Endless Love!


FB: Leanne Goon
leannessf at gmail dot com

Juana Esparza said...

Thanks for the chance!

GFC/FB = Juana Esparza

Book Choice: Endless Love


momma8385 said...

Endless Love sounds awesome.
Thanks for the chance.
:)Jeanne B.T.

Unknown said...

Endless Love sounds good to me
tinyauthor at yahoo dot com

Holly Letson said...

Would love to read Endless Love!
bookaholicholly @ gmail . com

Kim Reid said...

I would love to read Endless Love - Thanks!

kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Dominique said...

I'd love to read Endless Love. Thanks!

FB: Nikki Marie
GFC: Dominique

couponcookie at gmail dot com

Adriane said...

Endless Love sounds great!

GFC Rockygirl1

Jolene and Family said...

Endless love sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win

GFC follower


SiNn said...

ty for the chance id love to get endless love

im a gfc follower


Candy said...

Actually, I would love to get Overprotected or Falling for Romeo ^.^

GFC: Candace
Twitter: @CLovestoread

Kaci Verdun said...

I would like to pick A Season of Eden!
GFC: Kaci Verdun

jenniferlaurens said...

Hop Closed. KENDRA is our winner! Congrats!

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