Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Will You Buy J.K. Rowling's Adult Novel?

After watching JK Rowling interviewed about her upcoming adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, I started wondering how many of her readers ( adult ) will buy her non-fantasy, more reality based book.

When an author changes writing genres, do readers follow? I'd love your thoughts--those who are fans of JK and those who are fans of other authors who've done the same thing.

I didn't read Harry Potter, and am planning on trying JK's adult effort. ( Kindle 'sampling' is perfect for my finicky taste.

Read and let read~



Cayce said...

I won't. It doesn't look like my cup of tea at all. But I'm a little curious, so I might check it out from the library at some point...

SacredmOOn said...

I will not read it. I'm really disappointed with JK Rowling having the eBook costing 20.00! I will not pay that kind of money for an eBook of ANY author New York Times Bestseller or not!
DeAnna Schultz

jenniferlaurens said...

DeAnna: Amen. 20.00 for an ebook is ridiculous.

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