Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Dreaming of Books Blog Hop!

WELCOME to the hop!

The hop where all your dreams come true. Well, maybe not ALL of your dreams - but we can start with BOOKish dreams! To add to your dreamy dreams, I'm offering your choice of my books: A Season of Eden, with dreamy James Christian and teenage dreamer Eden who lusts after him. I'm also offering Heavenly, book one in my Heavenly series. Featuring dreamy Matthias, Zoe's autistic sister's guardian angel, who Zoe falls heart and soul for. I'm also offering Overprotected, with dreamy Colin - Ashlyn's childhood nemesis, hired by her father to protect her from the evils in the world. Naive, innocent Ashlyn fights falling for Colin, but it's tough - he's HOT. And he's there 24 /7 to protect her. How can she resist????

To enter to win, post your choice of book, then add me on Facebook and follow this blog or join me on Twitter. ( Links in sidebar )

Happy book dreaming!

Read and let read ~